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we all have a star above

each is scribbled with care and love

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Welcome to scribbledstar the icon/graphics journal of anytherapy This journal is for all the fan-art I make including icons, headers, banners and wallpapers.
You can find a list of where my resources come from here (it needs updating)


If you would like to be affiliated with me, leave a comment and I'll be more than happy to affiliate.

Layout by Leyslie

I'm not super strict when it comes to rules, but there are a few very important ones that should really be adhered to when taking anyone's graphics.

+ Please credit, a lot of time and work went into my art so the least you can do is credit me.
+ Blank icons are NOT bases to be taken without permission. If you are interested in using them as bases you MUST ask first. I don't often say no.
+ No hotlinking, I love my photobucket account and would like it to continue to love me back
+ No stealing! Don't claim it as your own. It has happened to me in the past.
+ Feel totally free to friend
+ Lastly, enjoy the art!
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